About Us

It started when I noticed that when I watered with basic crappy soil, my plants would only grow on the second day.. after they had dried out a little bit. My plants had spent most of their time water logged and so I started watering half as much, twice as often. My plants did great as a result.

Then I aerated soil my soils with perlite, pumice, silica and rice hulls... and did even better.

Then I talked to 1000 Growers from Coast to Coast about this phenomonon and what else makes a great Water Only Soil.

Then I started making my own soils - Super Soils in fact.

Then I talked to another 1000 Growers from North to South.

Then I talked to another 1000 Growers from Rocky Mountain High to Mississippi Low, then another 1000 and then anther 1000 - it just never stops.

Then I started making my own Hydroponic Systems. We then decided it was time to bring these systems to Market along with our soils, amendments and cutting edge products. Here We Grow folks.

We can help you grow better, it is just that simple, contact us and we will prove it. You prolly have the N-P-K dialed, perhaps even Ca and CO2, now it's time to give your plants a BIG O™.